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Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey
About C2Adopt

C2Adopt (formerly coordinators2inc) was founded in 1988 by two women who were frustrated with a cumbersome system that failed to prepare children adequately for adoption and in which children lingered for years waiting to be adopted. Since that time, hundreds of older waiting children with special needs have found permanent families through the efforts of C2Adopt. Today, we are a non-profit, Virginia-licensed agency offering training and education, placement and supportive services to anyone whose life has been touched by adoption. The agency's unique approach to adoption is reflected in the range and types of services we offer and the lifetime partnership we provide to adoptive and birth families and adoptees.  

Our Mission
Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey

Our Guiding Principles
  • ​We believe ALL children have the right to a permanent family.
  • We find families for children where the child’s needs can best be met.
  • We believe adoption is a life-long process.
  • We believe open adoption provides the best chance for children to remain forever linked to ALL of their significant ties.
  • We believe in respecting ALL families, communities, and cultures.
  • We believe collaborative partnerships give us the best opportunities to provide support to families, education and training to the community and encourage family preservation.

Our Leadership 
C2Adopt is governed by a Board of Directors (many of whom are personally connected to adoption) and led by a Director's Team consisting of the Executive Director (a first/birth mother & adoptee), Director of Finance/IT, and the Director of Programs. The Team's unique personal connection to adoption, in addition to their collective years of experience, brings an unusual level of commitment to the agency and an expertise in adoption that is not found in most child-placing agencies. The Board, Executive Director, and Director's Team would not be able to lead such an innovative and creative organization without the expertise and support of a wonderful staff. Our social work staff and support staff are motivated and passionate about their job which is reflected in their care and consideration of the needs of all our clientele. We strive to hire and train staff members who have a personal connection to adoption and are proud to say our staff includes adoptees, birth, foster, and adoptive parents.

Testimonials from our clients
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"Throughout our adoption process our adoption worker was there to support us whenever we needed her. She was always helpful, reassuring and knowledgable. We couldn't have asked for a better adoption resource."

"Beginning with orientation and through the three adoption workshops we attended, coordinators2inc provided us with the information we needed to make a decision to adopt and to decide on Parental Placement adoption. We're glad to know that we can come back to C2 for further support. We look forward to doing it all again in a year or two."
We are helping transform the lives of children and families throughout Virginia