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Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey
International Adoption
For those families wishing to adopt from foreign countries, C2Adopt can assist with the home study, then network with other agencies for the referral and placement of their child. C2Adopt has additional expertise because of our previous successful programs. Although we no longer offer dossier and referral services, we continue to be able to offer our expertise in preparing families to parent the types of children placed from foreign countries and to assist through post-placement supervision in successfully transitioning children into the family. 

Services Offered
  • Home studies tailored to meet the needs of VA standards AND the requirements of the referral agency and foreign country 
  • Networking with the referral agency of your choice to provide paperwork, information, and support during the dossier and referral process 
  • Post-legal services including supervision and re-finalization in the US 

What's Unique about Our Intercountry Program
C2Adopt has a long history of working with families who wish to adopt those children who are waiting around the world. We have previously run our own intercountry adoption programs in Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, and China. In order to remain responsive to our clients and stay in step with the changes of international adoption, we now serve our intercountry clients as a "Supervised" or "Exempt" Provider of home study and supervision services. Our staff continues to assist families seeking placement from a foreign country to make educated decisions and to be fully prepared for the possible risks and outcomes for the children they adopt. Any family using our services for home study assessment for an international adoption will need to also have a Hague Accredited or otherwise appropriately sanctioned program assisting them in the foreign country. 

**As of October 2011, due to a change in policy by The People’s Republic of China, we are no longer eligible to complete home study service or supervision. China is requiring only Hague Accredited organizations to complete these services. 

We have extensive experience in assisting families adopting internationally