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Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey
Search and Reunion Services 
C2Adopt provides search and support services to all members of the adoption triad: adult adoptees, adoptive and birth families. We are able to assist by providing consultations to those interested in exploring a search process and by providing fee for service counseling to anyone who is in the search/reunion process and is in need of one on one support. We also offer the only Birth Parent and Adoptee Support Group in the Central VA area. Most members of this group are involved in some phase of search or reunion. C2Adopt believes that all adoptees and birth parents have the right to seek information and reconnection to birth family members. We work to support those efforts within the confines of the legal limits in Virginia and with information and education about the emotional considerations of engaging in a search/reunion process.

Services Offered
To anyone interested in adoption search: 
  • Information and referral 
  • Consultation (fee based)
  • Counseling (fee based)

To adult adoptees, birth and adoptive families, where the adoption placement was completed by this agency:
  • Preparation and transfer of non-identifying information from the adoption record 
  • Search services 
  • Location of the designated individuals
  • Intermediary services, which include the transfer of current non-identifying medical and social history 
  • Support and consultation during and after the Reunion process 

What's Unique about Our Search and Reunion Program
Our commitment to openness and philosophy of respect for the adoptee’s right to information, prompted us to assume responsibility for almost 2000 adoption records in 1994. These records were transferred from seven Virginia adoption programs, which closed. The records would have been destroyed, if we had not volunteered to receive them. We held those records and provided services to those clients until 2006 when the records were returned to one of the agencies who had resumed adoption services.

We continue to be willing to provide search services on behalf of adult adoptees who do not have a designated agency in Virginia. 

We offer a free monthly support group for any birth parent, adult adoptee and adoptive parent. This group is the only such support network in the Central VA area.

We recognize that a decision to search involves considerable thought and a range of emotions.

We take this responsibility seriously and will be respectful and sensitive to the needs of all involved. 

​Please see our Services for Birth Families Who Have Placed page.
We would like to be your lifetime adoption resource