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Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey
Waiting Child Adoption
These children need forever families through adoption. Many of these children are nine and older and have experienced separation and trauma in their young lives. They need what every child needs; to be part of a family, to be treated with kindness and respect, to be nurtured, to have fun and to have a permanent place that is called HOME. 

Children who leave the foster care system without a permanent family are at an increased risk of dropping out of school, becoming incarcerated and/or homeless. They often require community mental health and welfare assistance programs. These children deserve so much more from us. Coordinators2inc offers the training and support families interested in this type of adoption will need to successfully adopt and parent a child who has lived in foster care. 

The fees for training and home study services for children you see featured here are offered through a state grant. There is no cost to parents who adopt children in the foster care system in Virginia. For families interested in adopting children waiting in foster care from other states, the fees are similar to those in our Infant and International Adoption programs. However, many states offer incentives to reimburse adoption expenses when the child is placed from foster care; often, those reimbursements in the end make the adoption costs little to nothing.

Please read about some of Virginia's Waiting Children on our Waiting Children page. 

And check out a short video one of our kids put together about his experience:             

Services Offered
  • Recruitment, home study, placement and post-placement services to families interested in adopting children 9 and older and other specific children for whom agencies have requested us to find families and/or complete a home study. 
  • In addition to the services provided to families, C2Adopt prepares children for adoption and recruits families for them. 
  • With a life-long commitment to families and children, C2Adopt provides supportive services to families after adoption through our Adoptive Family Support Program. 

What's Unique About Our Waiting Child Program
C2Adopt  was founded in 1988 by two women who were frustrated with a cumbersome system that failed to prepare children adequately for adoption and in which children lingered for years waiting to be adopted. Since that time, more than 150 older waiting children with special needs have found permanent families through the efforts of C2Adopt. 

C2Adopt believes that children are adoptable; and children grow best in permanent families who can nurture, protect, advocate and remain committed to them - no matter what!

C2Adopt understands that the needs of these children are complex. We take time to educate prospective parents about the children and to prepare them to meet their needs. 

We go out of our way to make sure families have complete and factual information about children.

C2Adopt is your lifetime partner in your adoption journey; offering support, consultation, assessment and treatment services, when needed, anytime after adoption.

Visit our FAQ's to see answers to some of the questions that are asked most often. 


The Home Study.  Before you can be considered for any child waiting in foster care, the custodial agent will require that you complete a home study. The home study is a mutual educational process during which families learn about the uniqueness of adoptive parenting and we learn about how a family's life experiences have prepared them for adoptive parenting. Don’t worry the process often sounds overwhelming but it is a great learning experience and is designed to educate prospective adoptive families about the children who are waiting. Once you have submitted an application you will be assigned a home study worker who will assist you through the process of adopting. 

Our belief that no child is unadoptable