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Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey
Virginia Children Waiting for a Forever Family 
There are hundreds of children waiting for adoptive families in Virginia. These children need forever families through adoption. Many of these children are nine and older and have experienced trauma in their lives. They need what every child needs; to be part of a family, to be treated with kindness and respect, to be nurtured, to have fun and to have a place that is called HOME.

Children who leave the foster care system without a permanent family do not often overcome the odds of dropping out of school, become incarcerated and/or homeless. They often require community mental health and welfare assistance programs. These children deserve so much more from us. C2Adopt provides free informational meetings for families to answer any questions related to adoption. C2Adopt also offers workshops regarding adoption issues and parenting techniques. C2Adopt is unique to other agencies as it offers support during the adoption process as well as post adoption services and support.

Funding for training and home study assessments is limited and may not be available for every application. Please feel free to inquire about grand funding for these services when you inquire about a child who is featured on this website. Funding is provided by the Adoption Through Collaborative Partners grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services.


There are hundreds of children waiting for adoption in Virginia
Deon is a very bright, active, and funny 12 year old. Deon loves to make others laugh and interacts very well with both peers as well as adults. Deon thrives on one-on-one attention. Deon is hoping to have a pet once he is adopted (a dog or "shark" that fits into a fish tank) and loves to play sports and stay active. Deon is loyal to his family and his relationships with his four siblings are very important to him. He would hope that his new family would be willing to support and encourage his visits with his siblings. Deon is great at expressing his feelings in music or words and often makes thoughtful cards for those he feels close to. Deon needs a family that can provide structure, unconditional love, guidance, and one that has patience as he learns to trust and feel safe again.
If you think you can be Deon’s forever family, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881.

Maurice is an 11 year old who can take a while to warm up as he gets to know you. Once he warms up he is a friendly, helpful, fun and very active. He is a good communicator and can tell you about the movies he has seen and his opinions of them. Maurice likes to ride his bike, eat out and go to the movies. He likes martial arts and video games. Maurice is in the 5th grade and will need a family who can assist him with home work, have realistic expectations and parent in a way that will build attachment and a relationship with him. Maurice wants a family who will be kind to him, take him places and spend time with him. 
For more information please contact Sharon Richardson at C2Adopt (804) 354-1881.


Meghan is a creative, caring, and talkative 10 year old that enjoys doing crafts, playing outside, and gymnastics. Meghan is waiting for her forever family to help support her as she transitions out of residential care. She will need a family that will be able to understand her needs and redirect her behaviors as they continue to work on coping skills, trust building, and attachment. Meghan has difficulty maintaining focus in school and has a history of seeking negative attention. Her forever family will need to be patient, nurturing, and be able to provide structure and boundaries. She would do best in a home with no pets and where she can be the youngest in the home. 
If you think you could be the parents for Meghan, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881.
Samantha, who goes by Sammie, is 12 years old and has a cute smile. She really enjoys being active and likes to be outside playing, riding her bike or swinging. She also likes to watch movies, swim and gymnastics. She likes to try new things and get new things. Samantha can enjoy having fun and be very happy and cooperative when she is not feeling anxious or afraid. People say her smile can light up a room. 
Samantha is on a diet for pre-diabetes and has to watch what she eats. This can be an issue for her as it is very hard for a child not to be able to eat what other children are having. Samantha is very articulate and does well in school academically. She has had many moves and is able to talk about places she has lived and her feelings regarding these placements. Samantha has dealt with a lot of hurt in her short life and needs a family who will stay committed no matter what. She needs a very structured family who can also be flexible when it comes to meeting Samantha’s needs of feeling safe and needing reassurance that someone cares. 
Samantha needs a family who can be patient in listening to her feelings, be able to handle her strong emotions when she becomes upset and be there for her as she is able to discuss her feelings. The family will need to be involved in therapy, which will include in-home. She needs parents who seem strong, confident, smart and calm (behaviors will be worse if they seem uncertain, insecure, weak, whiney or bullying, from her perspective; she’s very observant/intuitive). The family will need to learn be attuned to Samantha’s moods to give her what she needs before the behaviors escalate. Although Samantha loves animals there should not be indoor animals and there should not be younger children in the family. 
Samantha has contact with her sister, who has been adopted. This contact, which includes visits is very positive and must continue. If you feel you can provide Samantha with the permanence and assistance she needs to grow, please contact Sharon 
Richardson, (804) 354-1881.

Ashton is an extremely active and very energetic 16 year old. He is naturally athletic and likes to be outside. Ashton loves sports, especially football, and is a big fan of the Pittsburg Steelers. He is a friendly, silly teenager with a great sense of humor. Words cannot describe how goofy Ashton can be. He enjoys life to the fullest and loves making people laugh. He enjoys a variety of music and can rock out to Michael Jackson and Metallica, all the same. You are bound to win him over with a strawberry milkshake. 
Ashton is doing well in his current placement and continues to process the "good and bad" of adoption. He is seeking a family who can match his energy level and provide opportunities for new experiences. Ashton will do best in a two-parent home with parents who can provide continuous attention and consistent redirection. He would benefit from being the youngest child in the family. Ashton is an enjoyable, bright young man who is very hopeful about his future.  

Ashton has three siblings who are very important to him. His forever family will need to support his wishes to maintain these connections. ​
If you would like to learn more about Ashton (age 16) please contact his social worker Alyssa Bickford at abickford@c2adopt.org or (804) 354-1881. 


Brothers Cody and Christopher are 16 and 14 years old. They have an older sister, Sharon, who just turned 18 and will always want to be connected with her. Cody is a sweet and happy young man. He enjoys joking with his siblings and his foster family. He enjoys video games and electronics. He gets along well with his peers and adults. Christopher is also sweet and happy. He likes music, video games, and taking apart and rebuilding things. Both boys tend to be shy at first and, because of their history of trauma, can be slow to bond with others. However, they are friendly and want to have a forever family. Cody and Christopher need a family who will be patient, calm, and nurturing. They need a family who will welcome their sister into their lives as well. Sharon is a loving, kind, and polite young lady. She is a senior in high school and works part time to save for a car. She loves animals, video games, and just talking. 
If you are interested in learning more about this sibling group, please contact Sharon Richardson at (804) 354-1881.

Ny’Jon is an eleven-year-old boy who is caring, resilient, funny, and engaging. He makes friends easily and usually has a smile on his face. Ny’Jon is smart and gets good grades in school. He enjoys cooking and sports, especially basketball and karate. He also enjoys music and hopes to be in a boy band some day! Ny’Jon is pre-diabetic and suffers from sleep apnea due to his weight, so he needs an active family who will exercise with him and help him make healthy lifestyle choices. He also needs a family who will help him maintain contact with his siblings. 
If you would like to learn more about Ny’Jon, please contact Sharon Richardson at (804) 354-1881.

Ny’Javion is an nine-year-old boy who loves to learn. He is very inquisitive and soaks up new information like a sponge! He loves to watch the History Channel and A&E. Ny’Javion is funny and makes friends easily. He likes to keep his room and his belongings neat and organized. He enjoys wrestling and video games. Ny’Javion is very young and struggles to make sense of and deal with all of his difficult feelings. He will need a family who is very patient, understands trauma, and will stick with him through the challenging times. 
If you would like more information about Ny’Javion, please contact Sharon Richardson at (804) 354-1881.

Meet Lacy (age 12) and Tyler (age 10). This brother and sister love each other and want very much to have a family of their own to love as well.  
Lacy is both a girly-girl and a tomboy. She loves pink and purple, playing dress-up, doing arts and crafts, and anything sparkly. She also loves to play outside. Lacy especially enjoys riding her bike, swimming, and playing chase. If the day is rainy or cold she will stay inside and play board games, do puzzles, or watch TV. She loves animals and especially horses.  
Tyler is an active, fun-loving, and polite boy. He wants to be an NBA player or a NASCAR driver when he grows up. Once he has finished his homework and chores, you can find him outside practicing his “trick shots” at the basketball goal. Tyler loves the beach, monster trucks, and any kind of outdoor activity. Both Lacy and Tyler can be overly emotional, anxious, and in need of assurance. Therefore, they need parents who will be very patient and calm. 
If you are interested in Lacy and Tyler, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881.

Majesty, 14, is a fun-loving and active teen. Majesty enjoys making people laugh and has a love for music. She enjoys spending time with her siblings and other peers. She would love to have an older brother or sister in the home. Majesty loves her siblings very much and these relationships are important to her. She hopes that a new family will help her maintain this contact. Majesty loves to rap and dance and would enjoy a family that shares these interests or will be supportive of them. Majesty needs a family that can provide guidance and acceptance.
If you would like more information about Majesty, please contact Alyssa Bickford at (804) 354-1881 or abickford@c2adopt.org 
Angel is a 15-year-old who is bright, articulate, and funny. She enjoys music, singing, dancing, stepping, art, cooking, reading, writing,and technology. And like many girls her age, she enjoys doing her hair and makeup. More than anything, she wants to be connected to her biological family. Therefore, she needs a family who will help her maintain relationships with them. She also needs a family who will be patient with her as she learns to make safe and healthy choices about her life. She is career-minded and goal-oriented, so a family who will help her plan for her future and pursue those goals would be great. Angel has two years left in high school and she wants to make the most of them. 
If you think you could be Angel’s forever family, please contact Sharon Richardson at (804) 354-1881.

This is Michael Alex, he prefers to be called by his middle name. Alex is a sweet, calm 16-year-old boy. He loves working on cars and hopes he can become a mechanic when he gets older. Alex loves The Walking Dead and zombie movies. Everyone who meets Alex says he’s kind, polite, and sweet. He is a little shy and can take some time to open up to new people. Alex has been struggling with school, but is hoping to get back on track next year with a vocational focus (mechanics). He will need parents who are understanding of his challenges. 
If you are or know of the right family for Alex, call Ebony at (804) 354-1881.
Maddox is a bi-racial male, who is a quintessential gentleman and is always running to open doors for the ladies, takes his hat off indoors and is described by others as considerate and genuine. Maddox is very proud of his recent mastery of the Rubix cube. He enjoys taking things apart, he has a mechanic's mind! 
Maddox is a very intelligent young man and would benefit from an academic environment where he would be challenged to apply himself to his fullest potential. His peers describe him as a good role model. 
Maddox loves animals, although he has some allergies to cats, and enjoys going to the zoo and pet stores. His favorite football team is the Seahawks, though he will root for other teams. While he finds golf boring, he is rather good at the sport. He is really into Pokémon, video games, Legos and building things in general. His future plans are to join the Navy and he especially enjoys going to the shipyard.
Maddox is excited about finding his forever family and would thrive in a home where he is the youngest child. He is wonderful with pets and loves to help out around the house. He is always willing to learn new things and has a very curious nature.
​ If you would like to learn more about Maddox please contact his social worker Alyssa Bickford at abickford@c2adopt.org or (804) 354-1881. 
Vincent is a 13-year-old boy who is highly intelligent and creative. He has a logical brain and enjoys computers and gaming. Last year, in seventh grade, Vincent was an Honor Student who earned As in all of his classes. He is articulate, funny, resourceful, and clever. Although playing sports is not necessarily a priority for Vincent, he has played on various teams in the past and is always willing to give something new a try. Having suffered tremendous losses in his short life, Vincent needs a family who is understanding and very patient. He would thrive in a family in which he is either an only child or the youngest. Vincent will need time and attention in order to heal. He is a young man with a lot of potential to be a happy and successful person!
If you would like more information on Vincent please contact Sharon Richardson at 804-354-1881. 

​On Hold - Matched
William (age 11), Nathan (age 9), and Michael (almost 4) are three lively and fun-loving brothers. They like to stay busy, play outdoors, and very much want to belong to a family. William loves technology, enjoys church, tries hard to do well at school, and is a conscientious big brother. Nathan is the most outgoing. He is friendly and loves to tell jokes. He is helpful and appreciative. Michael is the baby and often resents being treated as such. He is bright and energetic, and can be very sweet and loving. These boys need a family who can focus a lot of time and attention on helping them heal and recover. A family who is patient, trauma informed, and open to learning new parenting strategies will do well.  

For more information about William, Nathan, and Michael, please contact Sharon Richardson at 804-354-1881.

We are looking for a family for Quayvon, 17 and Wanye, 15. These are active brothers who love sports, including basketball and football. They are kind and well-mannered kids who regularly say “ma’am,” “sir” and hold doors open. Quayvon is doing better in school and trying to figure out his next steps as he moves towards adulthood. Wanye is struggling in school and needs continued guidance around managing his difficult emotions. While they can be patient, supportive and nurturing with younger children, they are better suited to be placed in a home with no other kids. 
If you are or know of the right family for these sweet boys, please contact Ebony at 804-354-1881.
Richard, age 8, and A’lijah, age 5 are siblings waiting for a family. 

Bio Pending

If you or someone you know could be a forever family for these siblings, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org.
Zachary, who likes to be called “Zack,” is 13 years old and in the sixth grade. He is funny, sweet, polite, and genuine. Zack loves the outdoors and enjoys sports, especially basketball. He would love to be part of a family who enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time outside. Zack wants to be adopted and be part of a family. He will need parents who are nurturing and affectionate. He will also need a parent who can help him as he catches up to his peers academically. Both his foster mother and his teachers report that Zack is very helpful, both in the home and to his teachers and peers at school. Zach exhibits some of the challenging behaviors that are typical of teenagers, and others that are a result of his trauma history.  If you would like more information about Zack, please contact Sharon Richardson at srichardson@c2adopt.org or 804-354-1881.
Jaden is a 14-year-old girl who is a talented singer who uses singing to self-soothe; she would like to use her talent to pursue modeling and acting. Jaden enjoys adventure and dreams of traveling to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Russia. She is polite and well-spoken. Jaden is attending school for the first time this year and is behind academically, so she needs a family who will advocate for her and help her with school work and navigating the social aspects of high school. She aspires to go to college, specifically the Tisch School of Arts in New York. Jaden is adaptable and also able to advocate for herself. She wants to be adopted and be a member of a forever family. Jaden needs a family who can spend a lot of time with her. She should be the youngest in a family who adopts her. She needs guidance around managing difficult emotions and a family who understands teenage behaviors. 
If you would like more information about Jaden, please contact Sharon Richardson at 804-354-1881 or srichardson@c2adopt.org.

Ashton is an intelligent, charming, out-going and curious 14 year old young man with a contagious smile and laugh! He currently has an A/B average in his classes and enjoys school. Ashton loves to meet new people, ask questions, and will talk to anyone! He participates in the middle school strings program and has played the violin for several years. Ashton does not care for sports so he’s currently taking Taekwondo lessons and cardio classes. He prefers to stay inside and enjoys staying busy by playing video or arcade games, watching movies, and using computers. Ashton is artistic and creative, and finds enjoyment in drawing and coloring in his sketch book, building with Legos, and reading. Ashton will tell you his choice food or snack would be dill pickles and he loathes onions and mushrooms. He tends to be a home body but also is content with going places as long as he is with people who care about him. When he’s not at home, Ashton loves going to arcades, playing laser tag and going roller skating. Ashton is very involved in his church, attends youth group weekly and sings in the choir. When asked about what his favorite type of music is, he says, “I love all music, seriously ALL music!” Ashton would love to belong to a fun, active, committed and loving family. He would do best as the youngest child.
If you would like more information about Ashton (age 14), please contact Christina Lukhard at 804-354-1881 or clukhard@c2adopt.org.

Mark is an active, smart, eleven-year-old boy. He has a big vocabulary and enjoys reading; his favorite book is “The Trials of Apollo.” Mark likes to listen to Hip Hop and R&B. He also likes computers, making crafts out of paper, playing with animals, Pikachu from Pokemon, building things with Legos and playing video games. He hopes to one day be an engineer or a police officer. Mark is on the autism spectrum; he is inquisitive and has a great memory. He remembers times and dates of upcoming events and likes to follow a schedule as closely as possible. Mark needs a forever family who will provide him with a lot of one on one attention. He will thrive with consistency and stability. Mark needs to be the youngest or only child in a family. 
If you are interested in Mark, contact Sharon Richardson at (804) 354-1881.

“Johnette, 16, is a fun-loving and active teen with a great sense of humor. Johnette loves to be social with her peers and to make people laugh. She also enjoys listening to music and watching movies when she’s relaxing or in her free time. Johnette likes to spend time with her siblings when she can and loves them very much. Johnette’s relationships with her siblings are very important to her and she hopes that a new family will help her maintain this contact and support their relationships in the future. Johnette loves to play and watch basketball and would happily attend any type of sporting event with her future family! Johnette would do best in a home with younger children or as an only child.
If you would like more information about Johnette, please contact Christina Lukhard at clukhard@c2adopt.org.”