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Supporting Your Lifetime Adoption Journey
Virginia Children Waiting for a Forever Family 
There are hundreds of children waiting for adoptive families in Virginia. These children need forever families through adoption. Many of these children are nine and older and have experienced trauma in their lives. They need what every child needs; to be part of a family, to be treated with kindness and respect, to be nurtured, to have fun and to have a place that is called HOME.

Children who leave the foster care system without a permanent family do not often overcome the odds of dropping out of school, become incarcerated and/or homeless. They often require community mental health and welfare assistance programs. These children deserve so much more from us. C2Adopt provides free informational meetings for families to answer any questions related to adoption. C2Adopt also offers workshops regarding adoption issues and parenting techniques. C2Adopt is unique to other agencies as it offers support during the adoption process as well as post adoption services and support.

Funding for training and home study assessments is limited and may not be available for every application. Please feel free to inquire about grand funding for these services when you inquire about a child who is featured on this website. Funding is provided by the Adoption Through Collaborative Partners grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services.


There are hundreds of children waiting for adoption in Virginia
Meghan is a creative, caring, and talkative 14 year old that enjoys doing crafts, playing outside, and eating out. She is outgoing and has a sweet tooth. Meghan looks forward to going to school every day and her favorite class is art. She treasures her American Girl doll and loves to color. Meghan is not a fan of scary movies, thunderstorms, or the dark. She is hoping to find a family that can be a reassuring presence and understand her needs. She needs a family that can redirect her behaviors by understanding why she may be doing what she is doing. She will do well with a family who is willing to put in the time and energy to build a trusting and safe relationship.

If you think you could be the parents for Meghan, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org

Samantha, who goes by Sammie, is a smart and articulate 15-year-old with a bright smile. She enjoys being active and discovering new things by playing outside, riding her bike, swimming, and doing gymnastics. When home, Sammie enjoys puzzles, reading, and watching movies. Sammie is happy and cooperative when she is not feeling anxious or afraid. After experiencing many moves, Sammie is ready to settle down with a supportive and committed family. She looks forward to having an engaged support system who will continue to help her through therapy and be patient with her when she becomes upset. Ideally, her family will learn to anticipate Sammie’s emotional needs to prevent escalating behaviors. Sammie’s sister, who has been adopted, is an excellent support for her, so continuing contact and visits with her is imperative. While Sammie loves animals, she will do best in a home without indoor pets. It is also important for her to be the youngest child in the household.


If you feel you can provide Samantha with the permanence and assistance she needs to grow, please contact Alicia Bugauisan, (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org

Mark is an active, smart, 13-year-old boy. He has a big vocabulary and enjoys reading; his favorite book is “The Trials of Apollo.” Mark likes to listen to Hip Hop and R&B. He also likes computers, making crafts out of paper, playing with animals, Pikachu from Pokemon, building things with Legos and playing video games. He hopes to one day be an engineer or a police officer. Mark is on the autism spectrum; he is inquisitive and has a great memory. He remembers times and dates of upcoming events and likes to follow a schedule as closely as possible. Mark needs a forever family who will provide him with a lot of one-on-one attention. He will thrive with consistency and stability. Mark needs to be the youngest or only child in a family. 

If you are interested in Mark, contact Ebony Mack at (804) 410-4294. 
Max is an outgoing and friendly 12-year-old child who typically gets along with other children. Max enjoys playing outside, doing arts and crafts, and listening to music. Max will do best with very confident parents who praise good behavior, communicate expectations clearly, have a routine, and offer some flexibility when necessary. They are seeking a forever family who will openly give affection and remain committed through whatever challenges may come. Families who are open to kids who are exploring their sexual orientation and gender identity are a must.


If you are interested in Max, contact Ebony Mack at (804) 410-4294. 

Traverious is an active and curious 10-year-old boy. He is soft spoken and respectful when interacting with adults. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys playing outside, building with logos, and flying kites. He enjoys fishing, yard work, and playing and watching sports. He displays interest in building and fixing things and has expressed interest in possibly being a “builder” when he grows up. Although he tries hard in school, he struggles and is behind grade level. He will benefit from academic support in school and at home. He is looking for his forever family that can provide him with structure and routine. He would do best in a family without pets or younger children.


If you think you might be the family for Traverious, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at abugauisan@c2adopt.org or 804-354-1881. 

Latoya is a bright and energetic 10-year-old girl. She loves school and is well liked by others due to her friendly demeanor. She is fun and outgoing and likes to play board games or any activity that involves running and jumping outdoors. Latoya also enjoys participating in gymnastics and dance classes. She will benefit from academic support to help her stay focused and she will do best in a strong family who can help her redirect her behaviors when she is not feeling her best emotionally.


If you think you might be the family for La’Toya, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at abugauisan@c2adopt.org or 804-354-1881. 

Joey is an active, curious and social 12-year-old boy who loves playing basketball and football at school. He enjoys interacting with adults and has built trusting and confiding relationships with his current caregivers. He is continuously learning to identify situations that cause him frustration and has developed strategies to calm down including going for walks, playing basketball and watching videos. Joey does struggle with impulse control, anger management and peer relationships and benefits from daily supervision. He would do best in a family where he is the only child or the youngest child in the home.


If you think you might be the family for Joey, please contact Claire Friedmann at intern@c2adopt.org or 804-354-1881.

We are looking for a family for Malik. He is a 17 year old who enjoys playing outdoor games like football. Malik loves
animals and would enjoy having a pet in his new home, especially a reptile! While Malik needs structure, he would not do well in a “zero tolerance” home and needs space to help him manage his struggles with anger.

If you are interested in Malik, contact Ebony Mack at (804) 354-1881.

Alyssa is a focused and intelligent 15-year-old with a great smile and many positive attributes. She loves to read and enjoys drawing, coloring or doing other crafts in her free time. Alyssa is described as being social, but she does have a history of struggling with peer interactions, aggression, and communication. She has been working to improve these issues and identify ways to calm down when she becomes frustrated. Alyssa is fashionable and loves to accessorize to highlight her unique sense of style. She is insightful for her age and self-aware when it comes to what she wants out of life and for her future. Alyssa has expressed that she hopes to find a forever family that will continue to support her throughout the rest of her young adult life. She would do best with caregiver(s) who can provide her emotional support and structure. Alyssa would also love to have a family that either has pets or is willing to let her get a pet. 

If you think you might be the family for Alyssa, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at abugauisan@c2adopt.org or 804-354-1881.

Isaac is 15 years old and is described as athletic, engaging, and sensitive. He enjoys football, basketball, playing video games, and board games. He said his favorite subject in school is math. Isaac has identified church as a good support for him. Isaac struggles with accepting directives from authority at times and he has trouble focusing in school. He is in need of a family that is able to provide clear and consistent boundaries and expectations as well as allow him cool off time before continuing to explain rules or directives again if he starts to get upset. Isaac wants to be adopted, be a part of a family, and is hoping to have a mother. 

If you think you could be provide the family that Isaac is hoping for, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org

Rashawn is a 13 year old boy who loves card games like Magic!: The Gathering and Pokémon. He has been trying to build his card collection. Rashawn wants to learn how to cook and would love to have parents teach him. He is working on managing his anger and sometimes struggles with limit setting. He would do well with a family who has experience parenting kids with significant histories of trauma. He would also need to be either the youngest or the only child in the home.

If you are interested in Rashawn, contact Ebony Mack at (804) 410-4294. 
Jason is an easygoing, calm 14 year old boy. He loves outdoor activities, including football, soccer and volleyball. Jason likes all kinds of food, music and is an all-open kid who enjoys experiencing new things, especially with caring adults. He is in the 8th grade and currently living in a group home where he is doing well. Jason has challenges typical of a teenager. He would do well with a family who wants to have fun with him and is also easygoing.

If you are interested in Jason, contact Ebony Mack at (804) 410-4294. 

Zaniyah is a sweet, polite, 12 year old girl. She likes to write songs and enjoys listening to different kinds of music. She likes playing Uno and Spades. Zaniyah has had some trouble with school, but when motivated she tries very hard. She has had some difficulty with her behaviors, but when she is not stressed she is a very well-mannered child who cares about other people’s feelings. She would do well with a very empathetic family who has experience with child with histories of trauma. 

If you are interested in Zaniyah, contact Ebony Mack at (804) 410-4294. 

Chasidy is a creative and funny 13 year old young lady. She enjoys art, crafts, listening to music, and taking walks. She is really looking forward to being able to go on outings again and hanging out with her friends. Chasidy makes friends easily, has good insight as to how her responses impact situations, and does well with taking responsibly. She is working on learning new coping skills that will help her with her communication skills. She is looking forward to being in her forever family, who she hopes will be patient, supportive, and willing to give her time to learn to trust them. She is currently placed separately from her sister, Quinshell, but remains in contact with her. The girls hope to find a family that is able and willing to adopt them together.

If you think you could be the forever family for Chasidy and her sister, Quinshell, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org
Quinshell is a vibrant 14 year old. Quinshell is described as a social butterfly and likes to go out with her friends. She enjoys eating watermelon and chicken, getting her nails done, and dancing. She is very smart, personable, and enjoys attending school. In her free time, Quinshell likes to go shopping and talking with her friends on facetime. Quinshell likes to stay active by going to the rec center, traveling, and going to theme parks but she also enjoys her quiet time at home at times. Quinshell will definitely lend a hand in the kitchen and does well with keeping her room tidy, organizing, and making her own meals. Therapeutically, Quinshell likes to color and decorate her room. Quinshell is very protective of her family and will advocate for others if she feels they are not treated fairly. Though currently placed separately, Quinshell remains in contact with her younger sister and hopes to be adopted with her.


If you think you could be the forever family for Quinshell and her sister, Chasidy, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org

Tyanna is an energetic 7 year old with a vibrant personality. She loves feeling special and having attention focused on her. And she loves unicorns! Tyanna has experienced a lot of loss in her young life and she has not experienced consistent caregiving. She has a lot of difficulty in relationships and needs time and patience to learn to trust adults. Tyanna needs a family who can commit to sticking with her no matter what. She would do well in a 2 parent family or single parent with supports. She needs a family that has time to dedicate to the therapies that will most help her grow and heal. Tyanna would do best as a child who does not have to share a lot of attention with multiple siblings or same age siblings.  

Tyanna has a sister that she loves and with whom she will need to have contact and visits in the Richmond area.

If you think you could be the forever family for Tyanna, please contact Alicia Bugauisan at (804) 354-1881 or abugauisan@c2adopt.org